Third Trimester Blues

This weekend I became 27 weeks pregnant and I turned thirty. It was always my goal to start having children by the time I was 30 so I just barely made it.

The weekend overall, was fantastic.  Although I was recovering from a really horrible week at work. I had my first patient die while another patient was being extremely rude and demanding towards me. Then, I got a new admit while I was trying to get everything else wrapped up. I ended up bawling while giving meds…my new admit was a confused, dementia patient and I think she said something like, “Don’t let that man get to you.”  It was kind of funny in a sad way.  In the few shifts prior to that I had a morbidly obese patient who got out of bed at 4am and pulled all his IVs out.  He was bleeding everywhere and I could do was yell at him to get back in bed so I could clean him up.  Prior to that, I had a dementia patient that was combative…at one point I refused to go in her room.  As a pregnant lady, there are certain types patients that I don’t get such as ones on Airborne precautions, but there are all kinds of patients on my floor that need to be taken care of that are very demanding physically.  It’s hard for me to scale back with these people but I think I’ve been pretty good about where I draw the line.

After spending that one night at work bawling, I don’t think I’ve been emotionally stable since. It’s not like I’m thinking about that night or anything but I just feel down.  Also, my sleep schedule has been completely wonky and I’m going through this thing where my brain is in a cloud. I’m clumsy and forgetful and it’s so frustrating. I always thought that forgetfulness in pregnancy was a myth until now.

I’m also anxious and I feel like there is so much to do. I’m also constantly worried about my baby. I have anterior placenta so I only feel her occasionally but she sleeps a lot and it doesn’t feel like she’s on a set schedule. I know at 28 weeks pregnant woman are supposed to be able to feel 10 movements in a hour when the baby is active…not sure that is happening for me. I’m so happy to finally be pregnant but I’m a worriwart about my little girl.

So enough of the crappy stuff. I went to this awesome southern restaurant called, “Cask and Larder” for my birthday.  We started with these gourmet deviled eggs with caviar, and toast with pimiento cheese spread (sooo addicted lately).  Then, for the main course I had this tender, decadent rabbit dish. All the food was so rich and decadent that it filled you up. I got a little pastry since it was my birthday but we were all too full for dessert so I passed it around.  It was fantastic.

Then, we went to my parent’s house for cake and handing out candy. We watched this old timey, ridiculous Halloween movie that my parents’ said would be something you would see in the drive-through back in the day. Basically there were nude, undead people running around and it just got silly.

B and I came home and decided to watch another movie that night. It was called, “Odd Thomas” and was about a man who had premonitions and could speak with the dead. He ended up saving an entire mall of people and of course there was a love story in there too. I also ended up a bawling mess all over my husband this night. Thanks, hormones.

Saturday was awesome! We had family over to watch football and I got on this cooking binge to get my mind off my crappy feelings-that day I cooked Chicken Pot Pie soup, an apple crisp with our Georgia apples, and buffalo chicken dip (I’m obsessed..). B made pumpkin seeds that were so good and got some cheap candy left over from Halloween. The Gators, who have been playing horribly for the last few week, actually did an amazing job and won against Georgia. It was a birthday miracle and the perfect day.

Yesterday, we went and voted and then did some shopping for Lizzie. We got her a rug and lamp shade. Next paycheck, we’d like to get her a mattress for her crib and I need to get started on baby shower invites ASAP. At least, I have plenty to do while this mood hopefully passes.

Pregnancy is beautiful but there are rough patches. I cannot lie.

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