Update Extraordinaire

Time for a little update. It’s been AWHILE.

Things got really busy but fun. For my dad’s 63rd birthday, we went and stayed in a beautiful cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia for 4 days. We also went about 5-6 years ago and had a blast. The first time we went, B and I went white water rafting, rock finding, drinking beer out on the porch, and hottubbing. This time I was pregnant so I napped, ate smores/tons of food-lots of BBQ, went and saw Amicalola falls (700 feet tall!), went to an awesome pumpkin patch, and shopped at Mercier Orchards (http://www.mercier-orchards.com) for apples, sparkling cider, and the best pecan, cherry, apple, etc. pies you will ever taste. Apparently, they have a contract with Chic-fil-la now.

It was a bit hard though because I worked the night before we left so I slept in the car all day on the way there. Then, we could only stay for 4 days because my sister and I had to get back to work. After a wedding recently in the Atlanta area and this trip to Blue Ridge, I can tell you that I won’t be driving to Georgia and back any time soon. I’d have to fly and that’s saying a lot with all the Ebola training going on at work right now.

The next few weeks were a bit chaotic. We went about 3 weeks without buying groceries or catching up on completely on laundry because our schedules went like this: work, Blue Ridge, work, gator game, work, and gator game this weekend. I’m so happy to say that I switched my schedule around with a coworker and had 2 days off this week to do all our laundry, clean, and restock our groceries. Amazingly I even got a chance to cook! Yesterday, I made lamb shanks with  roasted garlic mashed potatoes and brought it to work (omg, I was getting so tired of cafeteria food at 2 am at work) and today B and I made a steak salad. Now, I’m 25 weeks pregnant and starting to get in some serious nesting mode around the house.

B and I finally sat down and picked a car seat, stroller, and crib out. We still have to pick a mattress and purchase these items but at least we finally started! I am also getting this adorable dresser that I found on craigslist refinished in one of our nursery colors and it should be ready soon! So excited! Next week, I have my glucose testing and we have our first baby class at my hospital system. Unfortunately, I also have to fit some work training, a work meeting, and work education in and that may be somewhat of a pain.  I also need to buy baby shower invitations at some point. I’m ready for a couple weekends away from football to nest like a huge, puffy bird.

In other news, the FMLA I applied for at work due to all my first trimester complications was not approved because I have not yet worked there one full year. So, I am just taking it week by week but have stayed healthy with no issues and thankfully, haven’t had to miss anymore days. My baby’s health comes first but she is doing well.  Lately, I’ve been extremely tired and extremely hungry. I’ve never been one to fall asleep while watching TV, in a car, or with a light on in the room. I’ve always been a light sleeper…but lately I can snooze almost anywhere. Also, after my head hits the pillow in 5 minutes I’m out like a light. With food, I’m always hungry….luckily, I don’t have ton of cravings but I just crave real homemade food.

Some miscillaneous pregnany symptoms I’ve had include really dry skin. My face is actually peeling and no, I did not get sunburned. I used to have very oily skin and now have to use a strong moisturizer. Also, I ummm have some constipation issues at times and that is not fun. This may be due to my prenatal vitamin. I did get all nursey though and bought some miralax. It’s tasteless, you can add it to any drink, and it works! Go Miralax! Because you know that I take huge pride in making sure everyone poops at work so I guess I can use that at home now (p.s. I’m an RN).

Because I haven’t done one in too long:

Pregnancy Questionnaire
How far along: 25 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve gained but I don’t pay much attention to the scale. I just eat when I’m hungry and walk for 12 hours, 3 times a week at work.

Maternity clothes: I went shopping with my mom, sister, and later with my prego friend, Angie. Omg…love Old Navy-got a skirt, 2 pairs of maternity jeans, shirts, a gameday dress, a few long-sleeved shirts, soft maternity underwear, etc. I’m in love with my clothes right now and have had to stop myself from buying more. There is nothing more comfortable than maternity clothes!

Stretch marks: The ones on my belly are dark and bigger red now. Ugh!!! I’m all out of tummy butter and need to buy more….I’m sort of depressed about them.

Sleep: I sleep like it’s my second job and naps are my life. I actually fell asleep at a tailgate this past weekend surrounded by tons of loud, beer-ponging tailgators. It was actually a refreshing 20 minute nap. No shame in the game. I slept until about 3 pm after work last night and then fell asleep again tonight from around 11 pm until 3 am and now I’m wide awake!

Best moment last week: Best moments are just how the baby is more active in my belly. Unfortunately, I can never get my husband to feel her but I love feeling her shift all around! I hope she gets bigger and does this more and more.

Movement: Not really kicking but shifting a ton. Also, a few times I’ve noticed spots on my tummy have gotten harder like maybe it’s her head or butt..I’m not sure.

Food cravings: Real homemade food that requires cooking..better than any restaurant for me right now. Also, chocolate chip cookies and string cheese.

Gender: It’s a girl!! We are close to picking a name!

Labor signs: Thankfully, none.

Belly button – in or out? Innie still.

What I miss: Red wine and having more energy. This remains the same. Also, being able to move more really heavy things. Ever since my subchorionic hematoma I’ve been really careful. I’m someone who likes to get things done and I hate sitting back watching other people and not being able to help…it really sucks.

What I am looking forward to: Nesting-decorating the nursery and a baby shower in December. Can’t wait!

Milestones: My baby’s chances of surviving outside the womb are improving with each week! I’m a paranoid mom already and it makes me calm down a bit to know this is true.

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