My Weird Science Experiment


Remember how I was saying I didn’t think pregnancy would change much of anything for me physically? A couple weeks ago I was on my third shift at work and naturally I was very tired but I was turning patients and going about my night like normal. I suddenly felt a gush like maybe I wet myself and went to the bathroom to check really quick. Apparently, I had bleed like 1/4-1/2 cup of thin blood and I immediately told my manager and called the doctor on call at my OB. I ended up giving report to some not-so-excited other nurses and headed to the mother/baby hospital to get checked out. I was sort of in disbelief that it was happening. My husband came to my floor at work and waited for me to give report before he drove me to the other hospital where we got into a fight about where to go because we were stressed and had no idea at first.

When we found the ER at the mother baby hospital it was not very busy and very laid-back which helped us to feel better instantly. However, after the ultrasound tech monitor saw me and used the coolest, most technologically advanced ultrasound ever, she asked me for a urine sample and it was super bloody and blood had thickened…sorry for the gross details, but I thought it might help someone else. The baby was fine and moving all around, the doctors saw me and did an exam and checked my cervix which was closed, thank God. They said it probably was a subchorionic hematoma, where the placenta and uterus slightly separate from each other.  Apparently, it’s pretty common but if they separate too much that could lead to a miscarriage. The doctors put me on bedrest for 24 hours and told me to see my regular OB-luckily, I had an appointment already scheduled with her the next morning. I took my orders very seriously and after a few hours the bleeding had stopped.

My OB said that I needed to stay on bedrest and that I would probably have some brown spotting from the incident. If I started having bleeding like a light period she wanted me to come back in to get a work excuse and remain on bedrest. I went back to work like 3 nights later with no problem, but this time, I was decided not to turn any patients. I have mostly stuck to that and maybe pushed the limit a few times when the patient was a bilateral above the knee amputee and weighed very little. So I have been to work for a total of 4 nights over the past week or so with no issues. Thank God!!! I am very grateful.

Other than that incident, my sinus are on overdrive, my skin is dry, and I pee 2,000 times a day but I feel fine otherwise. Plus, my appetite has been huge lately and I’m enjoying eating a lot. The other day I made Tikki Masala (butter chicken) by’s a big messy process but so goood! Gosh, food is so good. 

I will say that my other symptom is uhh..bitchiness…I tend to get annoyed very easily at certain things. If my mother-in-law says the word “flutter” one more time to describe how the baby moves feels, I’m going to knock her out. Don’t ask me why. She had one baby 30 years ago and I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s an OB-GYN….I know 3/4ths of what I’m saying is the hormones talking though. I have no idea why it sets me off so much.  Also, a patient’s family member drove me absolutely batty and 2 dayshift nurses made me sooo mad! One because of how she left my patient and the other because she expects absolute perfection and nursing is a 24/7 job..sometimes you can’t get 100% of everything done in one night, but you work hard and do the best you can. No matter what you do there’s no making her happy! Oh well though, I still love night shift and I work hard at it even though I’m definitely not an experienced nurse yet.

So the day after my night at the ER, I had my OB appointment and I scheduled an elective gender determination ultrasound that afternoon because I got really impatient and don’t have my 20 week ultrasound until the end of September. I got to see baby move all around and the results were not what I expected but I’m so happy!

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for the shopping! So far, we’ve only gotten a few outfits and her room is still basically empty. I’m hoping I can convince my hubs to go to Ikea with me after his work so we can start on organizing some closets in our house to make room for our little girl! We told the grandparents and my sister by going to lunch and bringing a chocolate publix cake that had pink buttercream icing in the middle so that they could all find out. The cake very amazing and of course, the first-time grandparents are thrilled.

There is one thing stressing me out though. At my last OB appointment I got my last vial of blood taken for the quad screen genetic testing. The results should be back any day now. The test basically tests for 4 hormones which can indicate the baby’s risk of having Trisomy 18, Trisomy 21, or other birth defects. I’m just now realizing it’s only a screening test and not 100% accurate and I’m kind of kicking myself for getting the test done at all. So far, it’s just made me nervous from waiting for the results. I doubt I would do any more testing unless my life was at risk which is very rare. Maybe if we can hopefully have another baby we might not get it done again but hubs might want it done for peace of mind. All it’s done for me is stress me out so far. 

Sometimes, I feel like pregnancy is a very weird science experiment. 



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