The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Pregnant

I always thought that being pregnant wouldn’t be a big deal. So my belly would get bigger and everything else would pretty much be normal.

How very wrong was I.

This pregnancy hasn’t been that bad but I still have a few physical symptoms in my second trimester that remind me that I’m growing an actual human being. 

This weekend I drove to Gainesville to be with my husband for his work Gala. I went early in the day, traffic was nil, the weather was beautiful, got some shopping done, then got all dressed up and ate steak. Not bad at all. 

However, the next day hubs woke up with some sort of plague the company decided to bring with them on this week long ordeal ending in a gala and decided to share it with everyone including remote employees, and the Gainesville, Tampa, and Atlanta office.

So I ended up driving us home early the next morning. For some stupid reason I thought I wasn’t hungry that morning and I started to get this lovely acidy reflux feeling I get in my throat every time I don’t eat something every 2-3 hours. It makes me cough and sometimes it feels like it may not stay down if I don’t eat ASAP. I finally got a soup and sandwich when we got back in town but then I went to sleep because I had to work that night.  

I woke up and didn’t eat anything before work because I wasn’t hungry. I go into work and I’m standing up while getting report on my patients and suddenly start to get very nauseous, dizzy, and flushed. I told the girl I was getting report from that I needed to sit and she got me some water. Then, I started sweating a lot and that felt really gross. 

So I called my manager and told her what happened. She gave me the choice to stay or leave and I hate having to make those decisions. I feel like I’ve missed too much work lately. In the end, I did decide to leave just because I’m not someone that this kind of stuff happens to….I’m tough, damn it. I don’t faint, my stomach isn’t sensitive, and nobody can tell me that I can’t do something! I’ll prove them wrong because I’m stubborn. So, are of these things are kind of…. not as true anymore.

Also, I never used to fall asleep on the couch while watching TV…I had to be flat in my bed. Now I find my eyes starting to close and I’m just like, “fine, whatever..I’m sleeping…now”.

I have a long way to go though since I’m only 14 weeks. Today I made a work schedule that will hopefully be easier to handle and I plan on eating every 2-3 hours regardless of whether or not I’m hungry.

 Acid reflux and fainting….ain’t nobody got time for that. I knows I’s don’t.


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