Can I Eat That, Please?

These pregnancy food restrictions are giving me the blues. 

I miss runny yolks-I love my eggs over easy and to dip  them with toast. Yum.

I haven’t had cold cuts in weeks. I did cave and eat some pepperoni though. Just a few little’s not tequila or cocaine, people…give a prego a break. And I’ve read your chances of getting listeria or higher with fruit than meat. I’ve been eating lots of blueberries and strawberries lately…but those are apparently on the safe list.

Sushi hasn’t been too bad, actually. Last time I went out with my hubs and had cooked sushi, and it was absolutely delicious.

Caffeine…here’s the big one. Did you know that if you ask a server in a restaurant if any beverages are non-caffeinated most servers have no idea and just make something up. I’ve stopped asking. Mr. Waiter-man, ginger ale and sprite have no caffeine…no, I don’t want a cranberry juice. I do have a cup of decaf sometimes or even half a cup of regular coffee, but I’ve made myself somewhat paranoid over drinking too much caffeine.

Soft cheeses, how I love you. This one scared me a few times until I realized that most cheeses from major grocery store chains are in fact, pasteurized. I did have one slip up though when I ate some brie without realizing that you aren’t supposed to eat the rind. Sorry, baby. You can give me a few kicks to the cervix for that one…as long as you’re healthy.

Definitely saying no to all wine and beer although I know that some women will occasionally have a glass of wine or a few sips of beer.  The thing about that is, although I’m no longer getting morning nausea, I still sometimes get really bad acid reflux. It makes me cough and sometimes it’s because I need to eat something..again.  So I don’t think wine or beer would help that. I am considering trying a non-alcoholic beer in the third trimester though.

I’m curious-what are your thoughts on restrictions during pregnancy? When I told my mom about the lunch meat thing she said she had no idea and said the rules must be stricter now. Are we too strict and just living in fear and turning our babies into gluten allergy wussies or do you think it’s worth it to avoid most foods on the naughty list? Are people from other countries like this?


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