Hormonal or just a NOC nurse? All of the above.

Between finishing orientation and finally moving to nights, I’ve been tired, busy, overwhelmed, and experiencing some hormonal changes.

I’m 13 weeks pregnant! Surprise..and yes, we were trying for a baby but I thought it would take a little longer after all my years on birth control pills. It only took a couple months!

Around weeks 7-9, I had some pretty bad nausea and had to eat small amounts every few hours to keep it from getting worse. Also, I had some fun exhaustion, minor constipation, sore breasts, and crankiness. Luckily, I never threw up like I know a lot of moms spend all first trimester doing. Because of my job working with all sorts of icky, nasty bugs and because this is our first baby and we’re crazy excited, we started telling announcing to people fairly early. I told my preceptor, my manager, and lots more people on my floor. Then, I moved to night shift and started telling those people too. It’s kind of funny though because there are 3 other pregnant night nurses, one who announced after me, and a float nurse that just told me she was expecting. Our floor is kind of insane but I guess my coworkers must know how to relieve stress on their off hours. Definitely something in the air, and it’s not tuberculosis *har, har nurse joke*.

After 9 weeks, my physical symptoms were gone but I got really emotional and stressed out. Partially, because I went from having symptoms to no symptoms at all and I got worried and wanted to have another ultrasound immediately so that I would know that everything was OK. Last week, we finally had our genetic testing ultrasound where they did the nuchal translucency screening. The baby looked good! Heart rate was 154 and baby was 6.3 cm. By how far my belly is starting to poke out, I would have thought bigger but I’m just happy the baby is OK!

I feel like my job carries a lot of risks, which adds to my first-time mom anxiety. One nurse told me that I shouldn’t be turning patients, which while working nights I find it impossible to find a tech available to do all the turning for me. I asked my doctor about it and she said to use proper technique and not to overexert myself because if I were to sprain or strain something it would take much longer to heal. I’m cautious but I worry because my job is incredibly physically demanding. I’m not sure exactly what my limit is and I’m not very good at asking for help. For instance, my husband is at a conference this week but I decided to get a 35 lb box of cat litter and I, very carefully, using proper form, lifted it myself. I also got a huge thing of water bottles. Oh, and last night I transferred a patient to another floor. The charge nurse and I rolled the bed and the darn thing was like rolling through molasses. Where is the WD-40 when you need it? So I feel like my arms get a workout… but I wish I was like a cheetah or something…cheetahs don’t really worry about the kittens in their belly when they are running at full speed, do they? I just wish I knew what the hell I was doing. I guess, that is a theme in this whole game of parenthood.

I also told lots of my family and friends early on, because I wanted them to hear it from me and not from a social media website (facebook)…sorry, the internet is fun but some things are just better off in real life. I did finally post an ultrasound picture on facebook but the important people in my life already knew.

I’ve been on nights for maybe only 2 weeks and really struggling with my schedule. I hated working 3 days in a row on days but I’m finding working nights in a row (3 or more) may be the only way for me to join the undead. I mean, daywalkers….you know what I mean. I’m still trying to find a 24 hour pharmacy and walmart is my savior for food and non-caffeinated drinks. I seriously cut down on caffeine with the pregnancy (miss you, coffee, and I’ll always love you..). I feel like I live at work and my nights off are kind of blah because I’m pretty isolated sitting here blogging at 5am. I would not go back to days though and will just have to work on adjusting my schedule.  I still have good days and bad days at work but I think that is part of being new and also it just depends on the kind of patients you’re assigned to.

Since I’ve been feeling pretty normal except tired, I’ve been trying to bond with the baby by buying a few gender-neutral onesies. I’m surprised at how difficult it is to find such things! I need to try some new baby stores for a better selection or maybe the internet (but that’s kind of dangerous..). I know there is a consignment store I really want to visit but guess what? It’s not open at 2am. Boo.

So I’ve seen other blogs where pregnant moms listed some milestones about their pregnancies. I thought that was cute and a good idea because I haven’t started a baby book or anything yet. So, I can’t believe it, but I’m about to be one of “those bloggers”..so I can look back on this when I’m a huge 9 month pregnant lady and a new mom.

Pregnancy Questionnaire
How far along: 13 weeks, 5 days
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I’ve gained but I try not to pay too much attention to the numbers and eat fairly healthily.

Maternity clothes: I got a couple maternity shirts and one pair of leggings. One shirt I got from zulily and it tore in the wash, unfortunately. I’m going to be needing new scrubs soon. It takes bike shorts and an undershirt to keep me from bending down and showing the whole world a full moon. I guess that’s better than a hospital gown though. Know of any scrub shops open at 4am? Yeah, neither do I.

Stretch marks: I already have a few on my hips and light ones on my belly from gaining and losing weight but I’m putting tummy butter on to keep them from getting worse now.

Sleep: I sleep from around 8am to 1500 during the day. Yesterday, I let myself sleep however I wanted since I’m off tonight. I fell asleep around 9am and didn’t wake up until 1700! I think being in a dark room with a eyemask on and no sun keeps me from waking up if I don’t set an alarm. When I finally do get up, I’m super tired and groggy.

Best moment last week: Seeing the baby move and the heart beat on the ultrasound. The baby wasn’t super active, probably because it was mommy’s normal sleep time and the ultrasound tech poked the baby to get it to turn. It was sooo cute. I loved it.

Movement: No, I don’t think so. Maybe some gas?

Food cravings: Cheddar cheese, mac and cheese, strawberries, Thai and sometimes Indian food (especially butter chicken from Mughul’s…oh God, I want some now).

Gender: I kind of think it’s a boy and my husband kind of thinks it’s a girl, but I don’t really have any premonitions or strong feelings one way or the other. I’m so excited to find out though.

Labor signs: Thankfully, none.

Belly button – in or out? Innie.

What I miss: Red wine and having more energy. I think I would instantly regret it if I had even sip of wine, so I won’t go there.

What I am looking forward to: A sex reveal party….everyone calls it “gender” reveal but I have to be a smartass and be linguistically and politically correct. Actually, it’s going to be called a “pink or blue” party, which might actually be worse with promoting stereotypes…but sounds cuter.

Milestones: Getting past the nasty nausea!

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