Super Size Shopping

Since I work 14 hour days and spend my days off in a melting lump on my couch, my husband has been picking up chores like grocery shopping.

I try to remind him to buy healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables and to plan actual meals so we don’t have random food but no idea how to make a meal out of it. I asked him last week if he could pick out some frozen meals for my work lunch on days when we don’t have leftovers.

When he returned from the store, I asked him if the frozen meals he picked were somewhat healthy.

He says, “I mean, it’s Bertoli, it should be OK….*looks at nutritional information on back of package*…”it’s only 370 calories…wait, omg, it has x amount of sodium and fat…uhh I guess we shouldn’t buy frozen meals.”

I tell him to just try to look at the labels next time and that pasta is usually higher in carbs than protein.

My refrigerator and pantry also include munchies chip mix (my favorite-cheetos, doritos, pretzels), ranch-flavored cheez-its (suprisingly good), capicola (a high fat, delicious thin, Italian cold cut), and chocolate gelato.

Now don’t get me wrong-he went back to the store and got meats, fruits, and veggies and planned some actual meals (I think..hopefully..), but the worst part is that I will shamelessly eat every last one of these unhealthy goods that he bought.

I don’t have to eat it. No one is holding a gun up to my head and forcing me to eat them just because he bought them.

But I will. Everyday. And that’s why I don’t buy them.

Sad but true.

P.S. I don’t feel like talking about work today….. but I called my first rapid response this week. It was really dramatic and I felt somewhat useless. However, I didn’t fall on the floor and have heart attack and become a second patient so I guess I’m decently OK with it.

Until next time, it’s time for cheesy poofs.

Munchies. Glorious.

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