Ain’t It Fun? Living in the Real World

I haven’t written a blog post in awhile for several reasons. One reason is that I preemptively feel guilty and annoyed about my complaining. Therefore, there will be no complaining in this post. Not even a peep. Also, I’ve been really busy.

As a nursing student, I always felt that after passing my licensing exam, finishing my BSN, and finding a job I would be finished with my classroom education and my focus would switch to real world learning. Fortunately, I was afforded the opportunity to expand my classroom education while getting paid…which is well, really, really fortunate for a first job out of nursing school. Since I’ve started my job I completed an ECG class and 5 week like Basic Critical Class that was a part of my contract…the course cost the hospital $3,000 dollars and I had to pass it to remain on my floor. Let’s stop to think about the name of that class for a minute-Basic. Critical. Care. It’s funny to me…using the terms “Basic” and “Critical” in the same phrase. I chose not to think about what’s covered in the Advanced Critical Care course. When and if I see a future in Intensive Care, I’ll think about that then.

Last week, I passed the test. This month, I have a ventilator class and Advanced Life Support Class which only last a couple days. Again, I’m very blessed to learn on the job. I just love classrooms and tests. Fantastic.

While I’ve been spending two days a week learning in the classroom, I’ve also spent two 13-14ish hour days orienting on the floor. Day shifts are quite stimulating because not only are you responsible for 3 critically ill patients but the doctors and residents are rounding and managers are there to remind you about goals and standards and ancillary services are there to call you while you’re in a contact room to ask about the status of your patient. There’s never a boring moment and never a job to small or large-they all need to get done and you get to make it happen.

At the end of the month, I’m switching to night shift. I hear it’s different from days in that you draw more labs, take more temps, and if something happens to your patient not all of the resources normally available during the day are still available. It will be an adjustment but I’m looking forward to conquering nights (I sincerely am).

Right now, while I’m on orientation my schedule follows my preceptor’s schedule. My preceptor is brilliant and has worked on the floor for 5 years so she prefers to work 3 days in a row to clear up her schedule for days off. Being new, I think I will prefer working a couple days and then having a couple off rather than completely three 14 hour shifts all on a row. By the last day, I am exhausted…I have a hard time remembering my own name much less answering doctors’ questions. Yes, I am looking forward to putting in my own preferences for my schedule. Three days on for several weeks and then 5 days off at random every two or three weeks feels like I’m on stress-decompress roller coaster and I may need resuscitation. The first day back on the floor is always EXCELLENT.

In other news, after many years of paying to get educated, I’m finally starting to pay things back, save a little, and working on purchasing some things for my house. Yesterday, I got a haircut, bought myself summer clothes, and a side table for my “craigslist room” in my house. It’s a relief to be making strides financially after many years of being a poor student.

I finally got the original files from my wedding pictures and I’ve been printing them out through online printing services and finally framing them. My days off are no longer spent writing papers for my bachelors in nursing and that is so, so sweet.

Come to think of it, I’ve still waiting for my degree to come in the mail. I can wait. I’m just happy to enjoy the “me” time.

Another weekend that I was off work, we visited friends who lived on the beach. We purchased a kiddie pool and beach chairs and I plan on taking full advantage of my summer days off. My next wish is to go to Anna Maria Island-the water is beautiful and I can’t wait to expand my beachy horizons. New Smyrna is fine but I’ll leave it to the large schools of sharks (are they called schools, like fish?).

Basically, yes there is work, which is full-time and variable but I feel like a real adult finally. I can work hard, pay bills, and fit fun adventures into my free time. For that, I’m very thankful.

One of my favorite wedding pictures.

And you can’t forget the studly men:

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