Brain Dumpage

I finally freaked out on my husband after I came home to a very smelly, dirty house after work on Thursday. It wasn’t pretty and I handled it very badly. It only took like an hour of putting away dirty dishes, washing laundry, picking up, and cleaning a few floors for it to be fine again. It’s not what I prefer to come home to but it’s easily solvable. I need to learn how to manage of my stress better…because it’s pretty evident that it carries over from work.

Speaking of stress relief, on Saturday, I woke up with my husband, had a yummy chocolate chip pancake breakfast while listening to music. Then, we watched the Gator basketball game, and went on a little adventure. I was starting to feel like a crazy person from constantly going to work or being at home doing homework or sitting around so we went to a Strawberry festival. It was basically like a fair with fair food, vendors, rides for kiddies, and livestock. And strawberries….oh yeah, so you could buy a flat of strawberries, or strawberry shortcake, or a strawberry shake…but we ended up at Dairy Queen. B loves DQ!

It was a beautiful day and I’m so glad I got out of the house. I feel 100x better mentally. 

Today I finished my powerpoint due for my online class. Tomorrow, I plan on working on another online assignment and then prepping for my day in the ED starting IVs. I’m a little nervous because it’s just me starting IVs…no preceptor or anything. I’m just supposed to stick people they tell me to and do a good job. So, I’ll definitely be prepping tomorrow. Pray for large, palpable veins. 

Then, my schedule gets all weird. It’s like GN day, work, online assignment due, work, off, online assignment due, work, work, 2 days off, work, online assignment due. So just keep praying for me. 

On the bright side, I got my first paycheck and I finally have access to the meds! Makes life a little easier. Also, I booked a hotel for my friend’s wedding in July.

 I will definitely need little adventures to help me through all the insanity. Next time, I hope it’s the beach!


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One Response to Brain Dumpage

  1. erinroush21 says:

    I do this same thing alllllll the time. I am sure it drives my husband nuts. But oh well, I am nuts.

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