Roadblocks and Opportunities!

I have some very great news! I’ve been extremely ADD lately and I think it’s because so much is going on at once so I have to explain in chunks.

I went to two interviews for nursing jobs. One is a hospital, night shift, critical care nursing job and the other is a part-time night shift, extremely nice, nursing home job. This involved a week where I had 2 different nursing school friends come over after work to coach me and help me prepare for questions that I could get asked during interviews. It also involved me getting frustrated and crying because my friend would say one thing and then my husband would add something else on. They were like, “Say this, like this, but not like this!” They were trying to be super helpful, but I was PMSing at the time and it helped some but also, really, really stressed me out.

The next night I had another friend come over who managed to chill me out. She told me that while she was waiting for her interview to start she sat there and remembered everything she went through with nursing school with labs, tests, and clinicals to get to this point and she was proud. She thought, “I am a licensed nurse and no one can take that away from me.” This helped me be relaxed and confident. I remembered that I have done so much and worked so hard, and no one can take that away.

I had the hospital interview on a Wednesday evening and got a call from HR late that Friday afternoon. Now I will tell you a little bit about how my life is like Bridget Jone’s Diary and how I looove to make it difficult for myself. I swear, I’m brilliant. I had come home early from work on Friday because I was exhausted from working, driving home, getting ready for interviews, and doing stressful interviews before relaxing in the evening.  Also, I had a BSN assignment due online at 11:59 pm that I hadn’t started yet. I was taking a nap when I got a voicemail. I listened to my voicemail and called her back right away and left a voicemail asking that she call back. She called back three times and each. and. every. time. it went straight. to. voicemail. I was ready to throw my damn iphone in garbage can! I had worked so hard and could not get through to this HR lady! Finally, in the last message, she said she had to go and would try to call me Monday morning. My husband pointed out that I had left my phone set on, “do not disturb” and had forgotten to take it off…dur.

I was so mad at myself and in such a bad mood over the fact that I would have to wait all weekend to hear something that I decided to blow off my assignment that night. Great start to my BSN online courses!

Finally, HR called me back that Monday while I was at work and they offered me the job! I was excited but also knew that I would have to go through background checks and health screenings etc. before it would be officially official so it was subdued excitement but I was happy!

This last week I drove to work in the pouring rain for about 3 days and would drive across town in the rain afterwords to health screenings, HR offices to fill out paperwork, and HR offices to bring in copies of documents that I had forgotten the day before. I was so exhausted and STRESSED OUT but knew it would pay off! Several times while driving in the rain trying to make it to these appointments I had to tell myself to breath and calm the eff down! I was so worked up about getting everything done.

This weekend has been the perfect cure for my crazy week of job-changing chores. I haven’t done much at all. I ate pizza, drank beer, and watched a movie on Friday night. On Saturday, I ate brunch at the restaurant where my sister works in the kitchen. Then, I did some laundry, listened to music, and tried to go online shopping but got distracted and didn’t actually buy a thing. Today, I slept in really late-10am. We went to Lowe’s for my husband’s beer brewing hobby and then I went to Target and stocked up on some beauty supplies that I am loving right now! I already turned in my assignments due for this weekend (yay!)…so we plan on eating wings and watching the Super Bowl this evening.

Next week involves work, doctors’ appointments, and follow-up appointments for my health screening. Basically, I have something scheduled after work every day. Then, the next week I finally start orientation for my new job! So I’m excited and so happy that I will finally have a nurse job after all this time! I have a lot to learn and a long way to go but I’m so glad I have the opportunity to practice and improve!!! 

It hasn’t been an easy road and it isn’t over but I am thrilled to grow and learn with this job. Finally, I will get to do what I have been preparing for after years!!!

I can’t believe that I in a week I will be in training to be a critical care nurse. Thank God!!!

Anyone else struggling out there, keep trying! I’ve encountered soooo many roadblocks but trust me, it’s worth it to keep trying. I was so sick of filling out applications and rejection emails when I finally got calls for interviews. Persistence pays off. 

Time for some wings and football before another big, challenging, and exciting week ahead. 

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