A Productive Weekend

This weekend has been super productive! After celebrating my friend’s new nursing job, we spent Friday doing work for our online BSN classes together. I was going to babysit that night but the kids were sick just like everyone else around here. On Saturday, I found a great deal on a washer and dryer. After a trip to both Lowe’s and Home Depot, we realized it would be cheaper to order both online and that we would get free delivery as well (from home depot). I’m excited because the washer is high efficiency and the dryer is huge! These will be our first real appliances that we have bought for ourselves…yay to being “real” adults! Then B found a flat, solid wood door for us to place the hardware on and put in a cat door in so that our cat litter and food could be in the garage as opposed to in the house. We got a kit and actually had a great time working on it together. It was exactly what we needed because we had been at each other’s throats about the washer and dryer. Every online review contradicted every consumer reports review about each brand and model of washer and dryer. Then, we tried to look on craigslist but the washer and dryers would be sold by the time we found something and got information about the model. Plus, we were worried about not having a warranty. B was all into the fancy and expensive front loaders but I wanted top loaders because of ergonomics (hello, I do most of the laundry and don’t want to kill my back bending over) plus I didn’t want to worry about repairs on the new technology, how to properly clean it, and I didn’t want to pay over a full month’s rent for an appliance! I’m excited about what we ended up with and it will be delivered this Thursday! 

We also painted some garage shelving that we found at a garage sale for $5. We’re still working on this and have to paint the garage door still. Also, I sold two things leftover from our garage sale on Ebay this weekend! Super happy about that.

This week, I’m updating my Basic Life Support to help me with my search for nursing jobs. I work tonight and then on Wednesday I actually start working full-time during the day at the group home. I really want a nursing job but this is the perfect thing to hold me over while I look for jobs and work on my online classes. I’m trying to stay positive but it is difficult when some of my nursing school friends are getting hospital jobs pretty quickly. Either way, I’m not giving up and I have a lots of things to keep me busy-working full-time, decorating the house, applying to jobs, my online BSN classes (which are pretty work intensive this semester..oui), and I need to start seeing the gym more often!

Today, we walked down to a Cajun food restaurant that was literally down the street from us. It was SO GOOD. There are too many good places to eat by our new house. 

Well, back to hanging pictures, working, dreaming, and projects. How was your weekend?

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