It Ain’t Over


The couple or few weeks after my RN program I pretty much relaxed. I did some little things-loan exit counseling (grr), wrote a paper for my online BSN class, babysat occasionally, worked a couple shifts but mostly I slept in, celebrated my birthday, watched football, went to Ikea with a friend, helped my husband brew some beer (until I realized this mostly involved washing dishes…then I stopped…). I actually did get a little bit bored and so I cleaned and organized my house. This is good because our lease ends at the end of December and we’re looking for a rental. I put some stuff up on craigslist, organized clothes, and worked on our junk closet a little.

Then, the shit hit the fan.

This week, I realized I have almost 24 hours of certificates to complete for my online class and a group project due soon. I got my nursing degree and my authorization to test yesterday in the mail. And. I. scheduled. the. NCLEX. Crap! So it would be great if I could jump in and start studying for it but I work today, want to work on my group project tomorrow, going to a Gator game on Saturday (which takes all day), and working 2 shifts on Sunday. 

The good news is that B is going to help me some. I’ve saved a ton of rentals for him to look through so we can go look at the ones we like. He’s going to do a few little errands for me…which will actually help tremendously.

For anyone who has taken the NCLEX before, how did you study and how long did it take? Were you working while this was going on? The next few months are going to be crazy busy!

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