Speed up, slow down.

Whoa….so I passed the RN program! When did that happen? It hasn’t fully sunken in yet. In a way, it doesn’t feel over yet because I still have BSN courses online, some volunteer work in the spring, and I have to pass the licensing exam. However, I never have to go to another lecture, lab, or clinical again!

After my last practicum night shift, I slept all day and dreamt about all the ways I would burn my hideous clinical uniform. Bonfire, anyone? I woke up around seven thirty that evening and I noticed that I was itchy on my right side. Also, there was this patch of sort of pimply bumps. Then, I remembered that the nurse had asked me if I had the chickenpox the night before since a child we were taking care of recently had the chickenpox. Well, I remember having the chickenpox in preschool so I wasn’t worried about it.

Turns out, I had the shingles! My mom and dad both got shingles in their forties and fifties.  I’ve read that the herpes zoster virus that causes shingles lies dormant in your nerves after you get the chickenpox and can be reawakened in times of stress. Well, looking back on it, it makes sense. My financial aid didn’t end up coming in until three days before my tuition was due. I had paid the fees to take the licensing exam and my online class on my credit card.  I was totally broke, working at night, and then I found out a friend had completely betrayed me….so yes, I was under some stress.

I went to a walk-in clinic down the street and I was prescribed a seven day supply of Valtrex-one-hundred and ninety dollars!!! More money I didn’t have. Awesome. The next few days I was extremely tired and run down. I had a host of crazy side effects from these horse pills-thirstiness, tired all the time, no motivation to do anything, GI issues,….it sucked! Regardless, it was time to celebrate my first year wedding anniversary. So, B and I spent the weekend at his mom’s house enjoying her pool, redecorating her bar (…I got into an organizing mood..), enjoying a few beers, and eating the anniversary cake. It seems like we got married yesterday. I still have this urge to go eat some appetizers at the restaurant next to our wedding venue-that may be my birthday present.

So after that weekend, my class had a slideshow and last meeting to end our RN program. It was really nice to get together after not seeing each other with our separate practicum assignments all semester.  Afterwards, we went out to Ale house to eat lunch and celebrate. My class had a lot of strong personalities and we tended to speak out about things we didn’t agree with…which I think is a GOOD thing. We definitely challenged some issues with our growing program to some of our teachers’ chagrin. Despite our strong personalities, we always stood by each other and helped each other get through the program. So, overall, we had excellent teamwork skills and we spoke up when we felt something was unfair/wrong. Sounds like we will make GREAT nurses with those qualities….it’s so important to speak out when you feel something is wrong with your patient as a nurse.  Yes, we can be obnoxious sometimes, but it’s better than being quiet!

That afternoon, I got home and packed for our annual trip to Sanibel. B’s mom rents the same cottage there every year since her honeymoon and we beach it up with her for a few days. Those days were full of swimming out at the sandbar, finding tons of sand dollars, eating a delicious breakfast, some King crabs, and  Bubble room cake. I also finished writing a paper due for my online course while in Sanibel…this is why I feel like it’s the never-ending nursing program! At least I was at the beach.

When we left I was ready to get home, start on loads of laundry, eat a salad or two, and just sit for awhile! I’m still feeling that way but getting a little more antsy. I’m kind of in a strange in-between spot in life right now because while I have my as-needed job and some babysitting but I can’t really apply for a full-time nursing job until I get my authorization to test.  So I’m waiting for my background checks and transcripts to go through, getting geared up for NCLEX studying, working very part-time, and doing assignments for my online class.

I don’t have any plans for Halloween this year and I think I will probably end up passing out candy at my parents’ house like I usually do..and for my birthday we might just eat appetizers at my wedding venue’s restaurant. So for now, life is moving kind of slow for a change and it’s starting to weird me out a little! But it’s nice!

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