Rainy Day Thoughts

It’s one of those days. When you let the washer run because it feels sort of productive but really you just want to sit and eat and read books and maybe watch a trashy TV show.

It’s funny I how I got here because originally, I had 2 practicum shifts and 2 work shifts scheduled for this week.

Sidenote: I’m almost halfway through practicum and I absolutely LOVE it.  The experience has confirmed that I would love to be a pediatric nurse one day. Even though I work 7 pm-7 am and my circadian rhythm is all sort of whacked out I still absolutely love being there. The different age groups and interactions with the family members is what keeps it interesting for me.

The 2 girls that I had picked up shifts for each ran out of PTO for different reasons so I was not able to work for them. I’m not happy about it but I’m so close to being done with nursing school and this job has afforded me A TON of flexibility. Also, I went to practicum Sunday night and then on Tuesday morning got an email informing me that my flu shot and TB test were expiring that day. I had to reschedule my 5th practicum shift and luckily was able to get into my PCP’s office yesterday.

In other news, I feel like I’m surrounded by babies and pregnant women lately…not just at practicum but in my personal life as well. However, the circumstances of some of these situations are very challenging and working on a pediatrics floor has exposed me to people who have truly made me wonder why they had kids. Some parents are not good parents because they put themselves above their kids and don’t seem to care. I’m not referring to parents who find themselves in a difficult situation financially and are struggling but I’m referring to parents who act very selfish and don’t seem to find anything wrong with it.  It baffles me.

I’m glad we are waiting to have children. Even though I get strong baby fevers, often, I want to put my children above myself. Therefore, we are waiting until we can get our ducks in a row.  I feel like children are both a privilege and a responsibility. It’s sad that we live in a world where it costs so much just to provide a home, health insurance, daycare, and food on the table, and it shouldn’t as difficult as it is.  Children are almost a status symbol on my facebook timeline these days. Oh, you’re having another baby? Must be doing well. For that reason, I have vowed not to put my kid on facebook immediately after he or she is born and not to post pee sticks everywhere (no promises on not posting pictures after 48 hours after birth though, moms got to brag).  I think that a lot of the problem has to do with materialism and priorities.

Children don’t need all the fanciest, most expensive products in the world but they do need their physiological needs met and they need consistent love and commitment. You don’t have to own a house filled with nice things and fancy toys to have a child. You just need a clean and safe place to live.

I think many of the problems parents get themselves into stem from their materialism. They commit to more than they can handle because they believe that they NEED it, because advertisements say they need products!

As for the parents who just don’t care or act as though they don’t care, I like to think that maybe they are just overwhelmed and need more support.

I prefer to assume that people are good. After all, we all started out as perfect babies. I’m scared of the idea of tainting that purity with the problems of this world.


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