Catch up

Since the madness that is orientation week for practicum and my cousin’s wedding in Ohio starts tomorrow, I shall summarize the last month or so.

So I finally got a 100% on a medication competency test the first time around. I studied, was careful when I took the test, and it was an easy test so the last one of those in nursing school is done. FOREVER!

I passed my finals. I did get my first “C” in nursing school. Complex Medical Surgical is well, complex, and I commend all the nurses working in ICUs. 

GET THIS. I cannot believe this but I am happy to announce that I got the minimum passing score on the NCLEX predictor test without studying. I was burnt out from studying for finals and I knew I had 2 more chances to take it so I just used my test-taking skills. I passed with a 70% which translates to a 91% chance of passing the NCLEX on the first try. I would like to improve these odds actually-95 or 98% would make me a lot happier since the test costs around $500. I spoke to my instructor and she said as long as there is room I can take the test a second time. I did not end up taking the Kaplan course because it got cancelled during the week I wanted to take it with my classmate. So instead, I brought an NCLEX book, game, and pharmacology cards.

So that brings us to the end of my last didactic semester of nursing school! YAY!

The week after I immediately got on a plane to Baltimore for our best man’s wedding. We stayed at the 1840’s Carrolton Inn where the wedding was being held and it was fabulous. I felt like I was living in a novel. I had breakfast in my room or the courtyard every morning and we walked around the harbor checking it all out after the wedding. Funny thing is that it was my first trip on a plane with my husband (whaaat? after 10 years?). We had each taken planes separately for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, work trips, family trips, but never together. It was kind of nice to reach a milestone like that since we’ve been together forever. Ha. Well, I thought it was pretty cool anyways.

Then, we went to Gainesville for my husband’s work retreat and I turned it into a workout retreat for myself since I have gained sooo much nursing school weight. I did really great and used an amazing video from youtube, the hotel gym, and the hotel pool.

Then, however, the universe needed to make up for all the fun we were having and we came home to sugar ants in our house, a bad sickness, and working. 

So next week involves insanity. Waking up at times that I am not used to and NCLEX reviews that last from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm three days in a row. This may not sound like much but I haven’t been in a routine.

Then, we get to wake up at 4am on Saturday to go to my cousin’s wedding in Ohio! I love weddings and it’s nice to actually have time to go to them! I missed at least 2 major ones because of nursing school.

Then, I get back and start PRACTICUM. I just found out that I will be working in acute pediatrics and I’m extremely happy and excited but of course, nervous. I will be working nights so if anyone has any tips for staying up all night, please share.

The journey is just beginning even though so many things are coming to an end.

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