Three months and 6 days until I’m an RN! Check-offs, 4 tests, 3 clinicals, one quiz, a few online assignments until the end of the semester. I’m fighting burn out and pressure from my job to work more since we are short-staffed.  I’m also fighting short-timers syndrome. I can’t afford to not do well on my tests in Complex Med-Surg so I really need to try and focus. I’m under a lot of pressure because if I don’t pass this class I would have to wait until spring to retake it which is waaay too long when you are already dying to be done and could potentially have your RN by October. Even though I will still have my BSN practicum in the spring I could still work as an RN after I pass the NCLEX. I feel like I’m jinxing myself but provided that I am successful at a, b, c, d, e, and f, here are the things I will have to look forward to:

1) Having two full-time incomes in my household. Absolutely cannot wait.

2) Being able to focus on my health more without as much nursing school stress.

3) Spending more time participating in fun things with my family. I’ve had to turn down a beach trip, football game etc…and so many more things thanks to nursing school.

4) More time with my husband instead of studying.

5) A career with benefits and upward mobility. 

6) Moving to a bigger house closer to Orlando proper. Things can get pretty boring where we are at now.

7) Growing my family. It’s no secret that I’ve wanted kids for a long time but I wanted until I am established in my career.

8) Not writing Care Plans, taking tests as often, taking time consuming BSN online classes, and just spending more time living life!

Ok, so now that I’ve stated what’s at stake I think I might go throw up now. Please pray for me for these next 3 weeks!


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