Coping Mechanism

I’m finally home and recovering from a weekend full of getting up at 5 am every morning and spending all day nursing away. So far, I haven’t had a patient that was mean or rude to me and I love being there for the patient and making his or her day better.  I must digress though, there are many other not-so-cheerful aspects of student nursing that make it a challenge.

Finding your nurse at the beginning of the shift can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Has anyone seen nurse Betty? Oh, I don’t think she’s here yet. Then, you find her hiding in a corner 20 minutes later.

Then, during shift change, I miss last semester when the nurses would get report outside of the patient’s room. This weekend I was so confused as to which patient my nurses were talking about.

I dislike when a patient leaves for a procedure and then when he gets back you are late on getting vitals and medications, which makes your clinical instructor think you are incompetent. Thanks, teach, awesome. Medications aren’t very effective without a patient though.

Of course, it’s always great when the patient gets back from a procedure and immediately orders lunch and scoffs down ALL OF IT before you can give insulin or medications that must be given with food. Priorities, people, priorities.

I love when the patient’s family members are in the healthcare field in some way, shape, or form and immediately think that because you’re a student nurse you are trying to kill their family member. No, family member, I don’t think killing your son/daughter/friend would be good for my nursing career so I will be doing everything I can to prevent that today.  That is not my priority goal for the day.

It’s always fun when you have a clinical instructor that is always “on” you for everything.  Actually, I am thankful for it in a way, because I know I will become a better nurse, but it definitely requires me to take out my stone face and big girl panties. I’m in this to get better, not to be perfect, says I.

There always has to be one person in your clinical group that talks non-stop during post-conference which ruins your chances of ever leaving early.

So what do you do after I weekend like that and then you go home, sleep, and suddenly, it’s Monday.

You go on the internet and find posts about nursing that you can relate to and make you laugh your ass off.

Watching the nursing students come to the floor:


Oh, lord, this had me laughing for at least 5 minutes. I cannot wait until the day I get to sell my despicable uniforms.

I sent this to my friend who got to deal with a combative, elderly patient this weekend:


Humor, people, it’s necessary.

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