It’s On Because I Must Pass!

It’s about the third week of my last didactic semester (already?) and it’s starting to get so real.  I’ll probably be blogging a bit more because I need to focus on me, myself, and where I am with my career and blogging is so nice and introspective like that.  I’ve taken twitter and instagram off of my cell phone because they distract me when I should be studying. So many huge things are looming on my checklist that terrify me!

1-Skills tests for everything I’ve learned in nursing school (gulp).

2-A medication competency test that I have to get a 100% on in order to pass the class.

3-The NCLEX predictor test at the end of this semester to gauge whether or not I’ll have a chance of passing the NCLEX (gulp, gulp).

4-Practicum in the fall-nervous and excited about this one-AAAH!

5-The actual NCLEX in November

6-Then, applying for jobs!

Then, there are things right around the corner. I just finished my test on Arterial Blood Gases, respiratory failure, critical care nursing, and delegation and I got knocked off my high horse. Before the test I had picked up 3 shifts that weekend and thought that I would be fine studying on Memorial day, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning before the test. I studied with a friend for probably at least 10 hours. I felt confident. Then, I got the minimum passing grade in nursing school-a 78. Eep. So now we’re doing a lesson on EKGs and it’s pretty much over my head.

I decided I can only work a maximum of one shift every weekend that I don’t have clinical (I have clinical every other weekend) and I need to start studying earlier for tests. After I got over my shock from the first test, I completed all my posts due for my UCF online course on Monday and prepared for my clinicals this weekend. I also signed up with a friend to take a Kaplan NCLEX review class at the beginning of next semester.

Since I only have 2 classes this semester, I guess I expected to have a relaxing, fun summer. Uhh…definitely not, but that’s OK because it will be my last summer in school! I cannot wait to have a real job as a nurse and to finally have two adequate salaries in my household. I cannot wait to not have to stress about school, classwork, and studying. But I have to focus on the present and make it through each day first and learn everything that I can.

Most of the what I’m learning this semester could save lives in an emergency…or if I don’t learn it well enough……I don’t want to think about what could happen.

So, as I prepare for an early bed time on a Friday night, and a weekend at the hospital, I will remember to live in the now.

Wish me luck.


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