What I did over my little break

I cant seem to convince myself to go to the gym and I don’t need to leave for class for another 4 hours so here I am. It’s the first day of my last didactic RN course. That means that after this semester, I have practicum, the NCLEX, and BSN courses left but I’m only 5ish months away from being an RN! This will be a 12 week sprint of clinicals, tests, working lots of shifts, and hopefully some NCLEX studying. 

Aside from all that fun stuff here is what I did during my 2 week break:

-Worked about 40 hours over break. Not so bad when its spread out over 2 weeks.

-Went out to Wekiva Island and then Garibaldi’s for margaritas with some classmates after finals.

-Went to the gym once (dope!…at least I went).

-Went shopping with my mom. Also, celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday with a walk through Leu Gardens, lunch at her favorite diner, and dinner at a BBQ place.

-Took B to Garbaldi’s to celebrate “Cinco de cuartro”. I love their fajitas, queso, and margaritas. 

-I went to B’s 10 year high school reunion and had an awesome time!

-I went downtown with my newly single friend. She calls herself a “singleton” now. 

-I went to Big Lots with the singleton. I’ve never been before so I was floored by their prices for cleaning products, make up, etc. I can’t wait to go back.

-I organized the office and put all my school papers in stacks by class/semester and rubber banded them together. It is so much more organized!

-I enjoyed the packages trickling in from my online orders. One should come soon!

-Cooked a couple yummy meals.

-Took a few naps.

-For about 2 days, I did nothing.

-Unfortunately, I went to a funeral for my nursing friend’s baby girl. I was glad I could be there for her and I will be giving her lots of hugs this semester. 

-Watched only one episode of “Game of Thrones”. That’s OK because it’s usually my reward for studying…and there will be lots of studying in the next 12 weeks.

What I didn’t do:

-Read anything that required deep thought or concentration.


-Stress out.

-Take tests.

-Focus on any bad news. So happy to hear about the 3 missing girls being rescued.

Now it’s back to the grindy grind. This semester, I must take better care of myself while working hard! Bring it on.


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