Indulge and Heal

I’m not done with the semester yet. Nope. It’s definitely dragging on. Last week, my instructors decided it would be a good idea to have a ATI exam, major AMS test, medication competency exam, and OB final all within the span of 3 days. Then, afterwords I had to make up a clinical last Friday. The good news is that the week before I spent the night studying and sleeping over at a classmate’s house who remotivated me in many ways.  First of all, my classmate is a very type A personality, neat freak, and a super sweet and kind person all at once. She’s going to be an amazing nurse. While I was at her house studying she cleaned up after me, taught me the material, fed me, and generally just catered to me. It was amazing. I have so much appreciation for a good host but she rejuvenated me to the point where the next weekend I decided to get my household in order for the first time in a looong time. I had B go get groceries, together we got household items/toiletries, and then we spent the rest of the weekend cleaning the floors, doing laundry, and organizing while B borrowed my parents’ pressure cleaner and cleaned our front walkway! Getting these things done before finals was wonderful because I tend to get distracted by things like cleaning or blogging…or pretty much anything when it becomes time to study for finals. ; )

So, after my very tiring week last week I had a very indulgent weekend. I was asked to work on Sunday but I decided to decline all shifts until after finals are over. So far I am very happy with this decision except for the fact that I went a little overboard with online shopping this weekend. It has been an extremely long time since I have bought myself new make-up. I was completely out of my bare minerals powder that I use instead of foundation. I’ve been reading the reddit “Make up addiction” forum to get reviews on products and brands. B is a big redditor and he picked out a few products for me to try too. Then, I decided I needed some summer shoes and made an order at payless. Then, I found this website called and ordered a summer cover-up and T-shirt because they were so cheap! So, yeah I may have went slightly overboard but I’m so excited about my mail this week. Want to see what I ordered?  Of course, you do. 


Charlotte Ronson Masquerade Collection Set from Sephora-B picked it and I am sooo excited!


Cover girl Clump Crusher mascara



Philosophy Divine Illumination Bronzing Blusher-I picked this one because I need some color!


Wet N Wild Cover all Cream foundation-another pick of mine.


Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-on Eyeliner-I hope this is easy to use because I’m horrible with eyeliner.

Now shoes! Squee!


Montego Bay Club super summery, cute strappy sandals!


Claudia Peep toe wedge-I like them because I’m really tall and prefer shoes that aren’t too high but they will be perfect with capris this summer.

Ok, so I ordered a few more things but I’m starting to feel really guilty about it so let’s just leave it at that. I will return with product reviews and maybe I’ll tell you what else I ordered. No judgey. 

Besides, my shopping frenzy, we got a few plants for the yard and did a little bit of cleaning touch-ups around the house. We checked at a local produce market because the farmer’s market got rained out. It was awesome because we spent $20 for produce we would normally get at Publix for $40. We will return there for sure! We had a huge rainstorm and I took a nice nap. Then, B made corn bread and jambalaya for dinner last night and it was to die for!

Now, I’m supposed to study and I am so spoiled. I probably should have worked this weekend just to keep that whip cracking. I guess I deserve it for passing OB but I still have 2 more classes to pass!!! Time to set up at my dining room table with all my books. Oh, Lordie.






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