Coming Up for Air

Remember how I said this semester would go by insanely fast? I’m just now coming up to breathe. Here is my short summary of the last ohh…at least 3 months?

I used to think that all of the typical wedding stereotypes would never apply to me. People would always tell me, “No matter how early you start planning, you’ll still cram tons of things into the last few days before the wedding” and I would think “That’s why I hired a wedding planner and started planning over a year before the wedding” or “You won’t really get to eat much on your wedding night” and I would think, “psssch, please I love to eat” or “The night will go by fast, just try enjoy it”…and I would think, “yeah they are probably right about that one.” It turns out all of the stereotypes are true. B put off quite a few design things that I ended up helping with at the last minute and I had a small emergency with a vendor that kept me up until 4 am a few days before the wedding. We got our marriage license only a day or 2 before the wedding when we were supposed to get it three days before the ceremony…ooops. Luckily, our officiant corrected the forms for us after we forgot to tell her. I did eat during the wedding but my dress was too tight and I was too busy talking to everyone to really eat a real meal. Despite all the insanity in the days leading up to it, it was truly more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

Insane crafting before the wedding.

After the insanity…our lovely ceremony.

Our flower girl and ringbearer. Aren’t they adorable?

For our minimoon, we went to a hotel not too far outside of Orlando. We only had a few days so we wanted to make a nice, quick getaway and not drive very far. It was so relaxing to just spend time together as husband and wife.

My tulips started to reach towards the sun!

Hotel of love.

My husband. Isn’t he cute?

Then, 2 weekends after B’s mom went to Sanibel for her yearly trip to her cottage so of course we had to join her when we were off school and work for the weekend.  This was like a second honeymoon for us. We beached, we ate out, we shopped, and we talked. Also, B bought me a Pandora bracelet with a wedding gift money and I am in love with it.

Rough life out in Sanibel.

The hubs and mother-in-law

Then, came Halloween. I dressed up as a cat and gave candy out to the kids that live in our neighborhood this year (it’s our first Halloween here). I celebrated my 28th birthday with cupcakes and a few gifts from my family…and by going to class.

Now that’s scary. Want to see something really scary?

“We will overcome the adversity on the field!”

Then, I went to a nursing conference in Daytona with half my nursing class. There was a really good session on health assessment by an ER NP and I took extensive notes. I really want the DVD though. I also found out from recruiters that you can get your DMP part-time and online.  I wasn’t really interested before in graduate nursing because I want to be able to work full-time but now I’m really interested. The first pic is me in my nursey nerdiest nerddom, and my  two gorgeous, nursey friends. The second picture is my cute nursey friends posing all cute-like.

Then, came gator games. This year I begged and pleaded to go to Gator Growl because Josh Turner was playing.  We got tickets like 10 minutes before Gator growl but it ended up being a great time and we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn the next day for the game because we spent the night at B’s uncle’s place. He better watch out…I can definitely get used to that!

Of course while doing all of this, I was submitting online assignments the night before the wedding, studying, going to 5 hour lectures and labs, breaking into cold sweats, losing my mind at mental health clinicals, and in one case, staying up all night studying for a test.


I have a CPF to work on and tests, finals, and ATI exams to study for and one more gator game to attend. However, we also decided that we want to host Thanksgiving this year to break in all our wedding gifts…and we want to go camping for a couple days over thanksgiving break.

Also, I’m realizing that I’ll hopefully have my RN in less than a year and will be given real patients for which I’ll be responsible for making feel better and not killing them by accident. So, I’m ready to jump into nursing even more now. With everything that has been going on lately I’ve been passing my classes but I feel like I have one foot in the door and one foot out.  I’m ready to work as a nurse tech to get more real clinical experience and start hitting the books and test prep extra hard. I want to feel confident in my nursing skills. This semester we were very limited in what clinical skills we could perform at pediatrics and in mental health clinicals, we aren’t even allowed to touch the patients. I need to go back and see if I remember anything at all about IVs, catheters, and every other skill that I have ever learned since nursing school started.

I just need things to slow down a little bit…hmmmmm… See you after Christmas.

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