The Professional Bully

I can tell I was stressed about starting the first day of school again today considering the type of dreams I had last night. Basically, I dreamt about a person at my last clinical site who was difficult/a-bully/in-nursing-for-all-the-wrong-reasons/power-hungry and a superior. If you’re in nursing school, you’ve probably met one before. Someone who prompts you to asked yourself, “How can someone like that be a part of such a compassionate and caring profession?”

I was raised in an authoritarian household and I think my default defense mechanisms are to be quiet, passive, and ignore the person in authority. I can get away with this as a student nurse but after the wedding, I’ll be reentering the workforce again. By the trend of the current tech positions in my area, it will most likely will be full-time (gulp..).

Everyone has someone like this that they have encountered. It may not be a coworker or boss. It may just be when a family member or friend gets angry and goes into “bully mode”. It’s unfortunate for people like me who aren’t naturally aggressive and have a sweet disposition (usually). I avoid conflict and confrontation like the plague.

So besides getting good grades, getting married, and getting a job later this semester, I have a personal goal for myself. I want to read a book or two on how to deal with “difficult” people…from a professional point of view. Although I probably won’t be able to afford it I would like to see if there are assertiveness training classes available in my community. I really need this to boost my self-esteem in job situations. Does anybody know of good books about assertiveness training/dealing with a bully boss or coworker?

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