My amazing break from school

I just had the most amazing break from school ever.

Here are the cool things I did:

-I slept. A lot.

-followed B on a work trip, relaxed in a hotel, and enjoyed life in Gainesvegas for a few days

-I saw a movie with my mom! I missed my family.

– I went to a bachelorette Kobe dinner for the other bride in my nursing cohort

-Had a bachelorette party-we got our nails done, ate sushi for dinner, went to clubs, completed my “task list” (nothing too scandalous, but I did kiss a bald guy’s head and put lipstick on a large, black man) and played my new karaoke game (thanks, everyone!)

-Crafted for the bachelorette party (not really cool, but I had a great time)

-Ate Mexican food and a tiny hole in wall restaurant. I ate sushi with my MIL and celebrated her birthday. I went and ate appetizers at my wedding venue’s restaurant (and spied on the wedding going on at the time, of course..just research).

-Finally used my living social deal and started couples dancing classes-we had our first session but I’m not very coordinated..

-Finally saw, “Hunger Games” and loved it. I also watched. “The Cabin in the Woods” and it was way better than I thought it would be.

Here are the responsible things I did:

-Got B to finalize the wedding website..whew. Finally finished and I love it.

-Sold a few books and things on amazon and ebay as part of my getting organized agenda (and getting some cash).

-Went to my first wedding dress fitting after an 8 hour marathon disaster shopping trip for lingerie. I ended up not needing a bra and I returned everything. Thank God!

-Organized all my toiletries and my linen closet

-Got my car fixed and in working order (just barely…I just need it to hold on for another year)

-Got maintenance done on our other car for FOOTBALL SEASON!

-Read 9 chapters for pediatrics, finished immunization modules, read a bit for mental health, and another tobacco cessation module done. Read: school stuffs.

-Helped B try on a tux

-Worked out at least 4 or 5 times

-Tanned-not responsible but I wanted to have some color because my dress is strapless.

I will upload a few pictures soon! I have dance lesson tonight and I am so worn out because I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I have back to school jitters. With football, a wedding, and school I think this semester is going to go by at lightning speed.

Tomorrow I start Mental health nursing and on Wednesday I start pediatrics!

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One Response to My amazing break from school

  1. **Dawn** says:

    I lack coordination too. Which means we will be slow-dancing very not-professionally (or however you want to phrase it). It will likely look far less awkward that way anyway because I would be too busy counting and concentrating to actually pay attention to my new husband.

    My dress is strapless too. But I will not be tanning. I am the whitest girl in all of Florida and SPF 75 is my best friend. I will be as white as the dress I am wearing. At least it will be photographically accurate? (Assuming my photographer makes it to the wedding, being 35 weeks pregnant at the end of September and traveling to Virginia from Texas. I am sticking my head in the sand on this. Nothing I can do will change the way it plays out. ::gulp::)

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