Sprinted to the Finish Line

The semester is finally over! I had a final, presentation, and online test this past week. I had made a huge mistake of signing up to do my presentation on the last day of class in-person (the class is half online and half in-person).  Basically, I made it a million times harder for myself than it had to be by procrastinating because I was just DONE at that point. After my presentation on Wednesday, I traveled with Brandon to Gainesville to partake in all the perks of his work retreat. I got to stay in a Hampton Inn in downtown Gainesville and eat out non-stop. Basically, the first night we got there I was going on only 2 hours of sleep. So that first night I got into that puffy hotel bed and just slept and slept and sleeeeept. It was absolute heaven. Meanwhile, B was out socializing with his coworkers who he doesn’t get to see that much since he works remotely. Most nights he went to bed late and got up dangerously close to work time.

However, I had free international breakfast 2 out of the 3 mornings. I hung out as the maid made my bed. I took an afternoon nap. I ordered food in. By the second day I got a little twitchy and cleaned the room. I did go out 2 or 3 times in the evenings after B’s social events (department party, company dress-up like an Olympian party…yeah, his company is awesome). I got to chat with some coworkers that I’ve never met before since the company has recently grown. Overall, I just allowed myself to recover. It was EXACTLY what I needed. 

I took my last online test in the evening when we got back home and believe it or not I actually applied for some scholarships. I found out that my nursing school has this scholarship website that asks you questions and leads you to the scholarships that you might qualify for. I think it only took me a half hour. Because it’s so easy a monkey could do it, I do want to apply to a few more scholarships that might be a little more obscure and less popular.

Today I unpacked, did laundry, went to the grocery store, cooked, watched the Olympics, and attempted to free up some of B’s time so that he could work on our wedding website (WE’RE GETTING MARRIED IN 76 DAYS…I STILL HAVE A FIRST AND SECOND ROUND OF WEDDING INVITES TO SEND OUT! AAAAA AND HE IS NOT DONE WITH THE WEBSITE YET-sigh…It’s a creative “process” or whatever)! Scholarships have made me realize that I occasionally need to do a little volunteer work, despite how busy I am get trying to get through school.

Speaking of which, I’m fairly confident that I ended Basic Medical Surgical with a 91.4%. In nursing school, Nazis’ make the grading scale and an A is a 92%. There is no such things as B+, just a B. UGH. However, I think I got an A in my BSN course. I’m still waiting for some grades to come back on that one. 

I love having the freedom to work on a few things and then go see my mom or some friends…or go sit by the pool. I’ve discovered that nursing school has raised my tolerance for activity so I’m trying to stay busy.  

Which is good because I have a list of things to work on including finishing planning a wedding and NINE chapters of pediatric reading due next semester (can you believe that?). I have a whole month where I don’t have to go into school! I start on online course on August 20th for my BSN but it’s 100% online so I can chill at home. 

Basically, I’m more happy and peaceful than I’ve been in months.


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