Getting into it Deeper

Oh boy. I have 3 tests, 1 clinical, and a presentation left this semester. Last semester, this would have been the point where I flaked out…just tired of it all. However, this semester if I end on a bang, I could possibly get all A’s.  This is amazing to me because after the first test I was able to make awesome grades on the second and third tests with only a few days of studying. Actually, I’ve been pushing myself in all kinds of ways lately.

I’ve started working out every other day and eating a “paleo-ish” or a mostly raw diet. I’m starting to tighten up quite a bit and I fit a lot better in my clothes.

I think persistence and patience are the key words for nursing and eating right and exercising and another other adult-type goal you have in life.

I think my biggest fault is that I expected immediate results in the past. Now, I’m getting used to the phrase, “This is my life now” and I just needs to “do the best I can everyday”.  It may be slow progress. It may not be a quick-fix but nothing in life worth it really is…and in reality, where would we be without work in our lives?

Work helps us to learn and teaches us about the world and ourselves. Also, it’s rewarding and we would not be happy without it.

I’m starting to see how relevant the information I cram into my brain applies to everyday life. My fiance has had some difficult, reaccuring stomach issues and I’ve convinced he has GERD. He is actually getting an EGD on Tuesday and I have to figure out how to drop him off and pick him up before and after a major test. It should be fun.

I’m not sure how, but I’m more convinced that nursing is for me 100%. I’ve had my moments but I love how nursing is so holistic and accepts the fact that we are human and should all be loved equally.

It’s hard for me to explain. You have to care for someone who most people wouldn’t get near before you start to feel it.

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