Quickie Update

So I thought I was going bananas before…well, there is 6 weeks left and I have lost it again. Worse this time. I won’t even tell you about the papers I have left to write, tests I have to take, and the presentation I have to give. It just takes too much effort. 

I think one of biggest issues is that so far this semester my procrastination has been rewarded…so I continue to procrastinate. After the first test I studied like crazy for the second test (but only the weekend before and the week of) and pulled up my average. My papers have been fairly last minute and I’ve done well on them. I’ve had some administrative-type issues regarding prerequisites and they sort of resolved without much input from me. So therefore, ho-hum. The thrill is gone for this semester.

I will say that there are things really great about this semester though.

I had a come-to-Jesus moment at clinical that was difficult to go through at the time but I think it will help me through the rest of my nursing career.

I got some great feedback on a Patient Care Form that really increased my confidence about filling out those things.

The tentative schedule for next semester indicates that I will not have clinicals on my wedding weekend. WOO HOO!

I got to see our engagement pictures that were taken awhile ago and they look amazing! I cannot wait until they get printed. We are getting a really wonderful canvas to put on our wall as well. 7 days. So excited!

I finally picked a bridesmaid dress and I’m picking up my wedding dress to take to my parents tomorrow after clinical.

So, yeah, I actually think the wedding distractions keep me sane. Some of my classmates think I’m crazy for getting married in the fall though.

As a nurse, I think it is very important to have a fulfilling life outside of nursing because you will care for your patients better if you are satisfied with your own life and if you are happy with yourself. 

I’m not quite there yet but I just need to remember to take everything one step at a time. A big part of my procrastination is being afraid to start because the long list of tasks looks so daunting to me. A little bit at a time would get me a lot farther than nothing though!

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