I’m a Bad Robot

It’s only Thursday and this week has been really, really busy.

Technically, I’ve grounded myself from the internet because I have a million things to catch up with at school. But, I’m only human and I’m stressed and need to babble on for a bit..

On Monday, I was checked off on IVs and injections. I was completely nervous and freaked out but it ended up being simple and not too scary. I passed and that means I can give subcutaneous injections now! I spent the rest of that day studying and taking breaks every few hours. I went to bed early to take my first test in Basic Med-Surg the next day.

The test was hard. Because it’s summer the amount of material covered on a single test is really insane. I ended up getting my grade back and I’m not too happy with it. The next section is diabetes, or diabeetus, as I like to call it. I will be spending the weekend with Mr. Beetus.

Tuesday was also B’s birthday! So after the test I headed to Target to get him a little hodge-pogde gift. I didn’t have much to spend so I decided to put together what I will call a “man box”.  I filled it with a card, desserts, beef jerky, clinical strength deodorant, beer, a fandango gift certificate-you know, romantic-type things. I think he actually really enjoyed it! I put it together in the trunk of my car in the Target parking lot and almost died of heat stroke.


That afternoon, we did a few errands and I read a little bit in an attempt to get some work done and then we went out to an amazing Mexican restaurant. We had margaritas and delicious skirt steak  and spent some time with B’s mom afterwards. I was happy until about 10pm, which is my bed time. We didn’t get home until after 11 and whined like a 2 year old.

Last week we attempted to go to Gainesville to get our engagement photos taken with our photographers but we got rained out so it got pushed to this week. That meant that I had to go get my nails repainted and get pretty while also trying to complete an assignment due my 11:30 pm last night. I ended up working on it on the way up to Gainesville and finishing at when while ate dinner at Macallisters last night after the photo sessions. Our photos were amazing and I cannot wait to see the pictures!


Again, we didn’t get home until 11:30pm and I was dead at about 10pm, so that means today I am groggy and grouchy. I have to write a response post by Friday to our topic posts which were on “Hollywood Nurses”. The topic is actually really interesting. We wrote about how nurses are portrayed in the media today. However, it has to be in APA format with a reference page and running head…sucks the fun right out of it. The response post is due by 11:30 pm Friday and I haven’t started. I have a 10 hour clinical on Friday from 6:45 until 4:45. Next week, I have an online test and CPF due and we start new labs.

I should get started. I wonder how my other classmates make time to be human. To relax and unwind. Perhaps they don’t. I’m a bad robot.

The month of June completely scares me. We have projects and tests non-stop. I need someone to follow me around and yell at me when I stop doing homework.

Send help.

At least, there are no more family events or birthdays or photo sessions for a little while. Also, I get Monday off to study. This weekend I’m locking myself inside and putting parental blocks on twitter, blogs, and facebook. Probably not but don’t think for a second that I haven’t seriously considered it.

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